Chicken Rate in Quetta April 2024

Chicken holds a significant place in Quetta’s culinary landscape as the most popular meat choice. Its affordability, versatility, and health benefits have contributed to its widespread consumption. Over the years, the demand for chicken in Quetta has steadily increased, becoming an integral part of local dishes.

Chicken Rate in Quetta April 2024

CategoryPrice (per kg)
Alive Chicken RateRs. 540
Retail Market ChickenRs. 590
Wholesale Chicken RateRs. 440
Chicken Meat RateRs. 890

The Challenge of Rising Production Costs:

The price of chicken in Quetta is influenced by rising production costs and market dynamics. The government’s initiatives aim to ensure affordability and accessibility while supporting the growth of the poultry industry. Stay informed, compare prices, and make well-informed decisions when purchasing chicken in Quetta, relishing the delightful flavours it brings to your meals.

Government Initiatives to Ensure Affordability:

The government has taken proactive measures to ensure that chicken remains affordable and accessible to all residents of Quetta. They are committed to supporting the growth and development of the poultry industry in Quetta by promoting local chicken feed production, implementing disease control measures, and creating a favorable environment for industry advancement.

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How often do chicken rates in Quetta change?

Chicken rates in Quetta can change frequently due to various factors. Stay informed by checking with your local chicken shop or referring to reliable sources such as government websites or local market reports for the latest rates.

Do chicken prices differ across regions in Quetta?

Yes, chicken prices can vary across different regions and markets within Quetta. Factors such as local supply, demand, and market conditions contribute to these variations.

Where can I find the most accurate information about chicken rates in Quetta?

Seek guidance from your nearest chicken shop, where you can obtain valuable insights into the current chicken rates in Quetta. Additionally, explore official sources such as government websites and local market reports for accurate and up-to-date information on poultry pricing.

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