Chicken Rate in Lahore April 2024

In Lahore’s culinary landscape, chicken, cherished meat in Pakistan, has a distinct role. In this essay, we examine the elements contributing to the fluctuating costs of this necessary food item in Lahore’s chicken market.

Chicken Rate in Lahore April 2024

CategoryRate (per kg)
Alive ChickenRs. 500
Retail Market ChickenRs. 550
Wholesale ChickenRs. 405
Chicken MeatRs. 850

Chicken’s Significance in Lahore:

Lahore residents savor chicken, an integral part of their gastronomic culture. This affordable, versatile, and nutritious meat has garnered immense popularity in the city.

Fluctuating Chicken Prices:

The price of chicken in Lahore always keeps consumers intrigued. This highly volatile commodity experiences frequent price swings due to various factors, including supply and demand dynamics, seasonal variations, and even political turbulence. These combined elements lead to price fluctuations in different Lahore regions and markets.

Factors Affecting Chicken Prices:

The rise in product costs has been the main factor behind Pakistan’s recent conspicuous increase in funk prices. Due to the increased cost of raw accouterments like sludge and soybean meal, the price of chicken feed, a pivotal part of the product, has surged. Because of this, Lahore’s shoppers have been forced to pay further for everything.

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How frequently are the chicken rates in Lahore updated?

The chicken rates in Lahore are updated daily to ensure consumers have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Do chicken prices vary across different areas in Lahore?

Yes, chicken prices can differ across various areas and markets within Lahore. Factors such as local supply, demand, and prevailing market conditions contribute to these variations.

Are there any government measures in place to regulate chicken prices in Lahore?

The government of Pakistan, in collaboration with local authorities in Lahore, strives to maintain affordable chicken prices for the general public. They implement various initiatives to stabilize prices and support the poultry industry while striking a balance between affordability and industry growth.

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