Chicken Rate in Karachi April 2024

In Karachi’s culinary tradition, chicken—the most popular meat in Pakistan—has a special place. In this composition, we will explore the current chicken rates in Karachi and claw into the factors impacting these prices.

Chicken Rate in Karachi April 2024

CategoryRate (per kg)
Alive ChickenRs. 540
Retail Market ChickenRs. 555
Wholesale ChickenRs. 490
Chicken MeatRs. 780

Chicken Consumption in Karachi

Chicken holds a significant position in the food culture of Pakistan, especially in Karachi. Its affordability, versatility, and health benefits have contributed to its ever-growing demand among the people of Karachi.

Fluctuating Chicken Prices:

The price of chicken in Pakistan has always been a matter of consumer interest. Being a largely unpredictable commodity, its price gets frequent oscillations due to colorful factors similar to force and demand dynamics, seasonal variations, and indeed political insecurity. It’s important to note that chicken prices can vary across different regions and requests within Pakistan. The rates provided above are indicative of the prevailing rates in various cities, including Karachi.

Factors Affecting Chicken Prices:

In recent times, the price of chicken in Pakistan has witnessed a significant increase primarily due to rising product costs. The cost of chicken feed, which constitutes a significant portion of the product charges, has surged due to the raising prices of raw accouterments similar to corn and soybean meal. As a result, consumers have endured advanced prices for chicken products.

Other Cities Chicken Rates

ChakwalSamundriWah CanttTaxila


How often are the chicken rates in Karachi updated?

The chicken rates in Karachi are updated on a daily basis to provide the most current and accurate information to consumers.

Do chicken prices vary in different areas of Karachi?

Yes, chicken prices can vary across different areas and markets within Karachi. Factors such as local supply, demand, and market conditions can contribute to these variations.

Are there any government initiatives to control chicken prices in Karachi?

The government of Pakistan, including the authorities in Karachi, is committed to ensuring affordable chicken prices for the general public. Measures are being taken to stabilize prices and support the poultry industry while maintaining a balance between affordability and industry growth.

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