Chicken Rate in Islamabad April 2024

Chicken Rate in Islamabad 

Chicken holds a significant position as the most consumed meat in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. It is honored for its accessibility, adaptability, and health advantages and plays an essential role in regional cuisine. Chicken has become a staple food for inhabitants in Islamabad as a result of steady growth in demand over time.

Chicken Rate in Islamabad – April 2024

CategoryPrice (per kg)
Alive Chicken RateRs. 550
Retail Market ChickenRs. 600
Wholesale Chicken RateRs. 450
Chicken Meat RateRs. 900

Other Cities Chicken Rates

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The Challenge of Rising Production Costs

In recent times, the cost of chicken products has witnessed an increase, leading to higher chicken prices in Islamabad. The rising production costs, including the expenses of essential raw materials such as chicken feed ingredients like soybean meal and corn, have contributed to this price surge. Consequently, consumers have experienced an impact on their purchasing power due to higher chicken prices.

Government Initiatives to Ensure Affordability

Recognizing the significance of affordable chicken for all citizens, the government has taken proactive measures to support the growth and development of the poultry industry in Islamabad. These initiatives include promoting local production of chicken feed, implementing disease control measures, and creating a favorable environment for industry advancement.


How often do chicken rates change in Islamabad?

Chicken rates in Islamabad can undergo frequent changes due to various factors. It is recommended to stay updated by checking with local chicken shops or referring to reliable sources such as government websites or local market reports for the latest rates.

Do chicken prices vary across different regions within Islamabad?

Yes, chicken prices can vary across different regions and markets within Islamabad. Factors like local supply, demand, and market conditions contribute to these price variations.

Where can I find the most accurate information about chicken rates in Islamabad?

For the most accurate and detailed information about chicken rates in Islamabad, you can visit our website. Additionally, seeking guidance from local chicken shops can provide valuable insights. Official sources such as government websites and local market reports can also offer information on poultry pricing.

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